PRE-SALE Bear's Bites Banquet Dog Food

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As all of you know we have had to postpone our food launch due to COVID and our equipment getting backordered. As I can I will fill orders. You will be charged for your first order for your subscription but not again until after your order have been filled. 

Looking for a complete and balanced diet for your dogs? Look no further.

Bear's Bites Banquet is a one stop food. Bear's Bites Banquet is made from whole foods. All of our same ingredients that we make our treats from in a food. Steroid free, hormone free and organic ingredients. All high quality human grade ingredients.

Suggested feeding per day:
5 lbs - 1.5 patties
10 lbs - 2.25 patties
15 lbs - 2.5 - 3 patties
20 lbs - 3.5 patties
40 lbs - 5 - 6 patties
60 lbs - 8 patties
80 lbs - 9.5 - 10 patties
100 lbs - 11-12 patties

Feed as a meal:
Feed as is or rehydrate. To rehydrate, crumble and add 1/2 cup or water to two patties. 

Feed as a meal topper:
Crumble patties over food and mix in.

Ground beef, ground pork, beef liver, beef heart, beef kidney, organic pumpkin, organic spinach, organic sweet potato

Nutrition Analysis:
Crude protein - 49.3%
Fat - 31.4%
Crude fiber - 1.33%
Moisture - 4.25%